What will you learn?

  • Through this internship for Diploma in Optometry, participants can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience in various aspects of optometry and vision care
  • Location 1. Vision Centre : Here, optometry students engage deeply in a dynamic vision center environment, acquiring invaluable practical experience, specially managing primary eye care problems, refraction, diagnosis and referral of different eye diseases from fixed location(vision centre) as well as camp(adult camp , diabetic retinopathy camp, school screening camp , corporate camp and speciality camp. 2.Base hospital(Comprehensive Clinical Posting): Immerse yourself in real-world clinical settings, developing essential diagnostic and patient management skills under the guidance of experienced mentors. Candidates will undertake rotational placements in the following departments. Initially observational, and subject to continuous evaluation, candidates will receive individual assignments under the guidance of Ophthalmologist/Optometrists: • Outpatient Department (OPD) • Inpatient Department (IPD) • Operating Theater • Ophthalmic Diagnostics Department • Pediatric and Orthoptics Department • Contact Lens Clinic (CL Clinic) • Low Vision Care Clinic (LVC Clinic) • Optical Services
Course Location
Batch Number 1
No of Seats
Course In-Charge
Utsaa Jana
Contact Details
HB-36/A/1, Sec.-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700106
+91 9153330883
+91 9153330883
Eligibility Criteria

  • Dopt
  • o Completed 2 years of studies in D.Optometry without any backlog o Admission is based on merit through an admission examination

  • Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre has started this Course in the year of 2020
  • o At Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre, we take pride in offering a comprehensive internship program designed to provide aspiring optometrists with a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on clinical experience.