What will you learn?

  • In this internship program, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in optometry through two main divisions and various program highlights:
  • Comprehensive Clinical Posting (Months 1-6): • Participants will engage in immersive experiences within real-world clinical settings under the guidance of experienced mentors. • They will refine their diagnostic and patient management skills through hands-on experience. • Rotational placements in different departments will provide exposure to a wide range of clinical scenarios and patient populations. • Participants will receive individual assignments in departments such as o Outpatient Department (OPD), o Inpatient Department (IPD), o Operating Theater o Ophthalmic Diagnostics Department, o Pediatric and Orthoptics Department, o Contact Lens Clinic (CL Clinic), o Low Vision Care Clinic (LVC Clinic), o Optical Services. 2. Dissertation (Months 6-12): • After the initial clinical posting, participants will embark on an extensive investigation into a chosen topic within optometry. • They will conduct thorough research, contributing to the advancement of optometry knowledge. • This phase allows participants to delve deeply into specialized areas within the field, fostering intellectual growth and academic accomplishment
Course Location
Batch Number 1
No of Seats
Course In-Charge
Utsaa Jana
Contact Details
HB-36/A/1, Sec.-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700106
+91 9153330883
+91 9153330883
Eligibility Criteria

  • o Completed 3 years of studies in B. Optometry without any backlog o Admission is based on merit through an admission examination

  • o At Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre, we take pride in offering a comprehensive internship program designed to provide aspiring optometrists with a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on clinical experience.